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The Seven Weasleys 
7th-Mar-2010 01:08 pm
Converse: black
Title: The Seven Weasleys
Word count: 700
Characters/pairings: Tonks/Bill, Tonks/Charlie, Tonks/Percy, Tonks/twins, Tonks/Ron, Tonks/Ginny.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Seven smutty drabbles for seven Weasleys. One was too reliable, and one was too overseas, and one was too fucked-up, and two were too much to handle, and one was too in love with another. And one was just right.
Warnings: ignores Tonks/Remus, present tense
Disclaimer: The boys and girls belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: Blame woldy.

Tonks’ mum would approve of Bill, which is vaguely irritating. Tonks has never been a bad girl: band T-shirts and insolent eyebrows and unnatural hair do not a rebel make. Still, it’s disappointing that, having got involved with a subversive anti-Ministry group, she’s shagging the reliable oldest Weasley. For God’s sake, he works for a bank.

But he has long hair, and he likes it when she wraps it round a small fist and tugs hard. His mouth is wet and sends prickles of lust shivering across her skin. His cock forces her open deliciously.

Not bad for a first-timer.


Charlie’s skin is peppered with freckles and wide, shiny burns. They bunk off Order meetings while Tonks plays connect-the-dots. Bill will fill in the details later.

Charlie’s the most stress-releasing fuck Tonks has ever had. It’s delicious: they play and change position and take the Silencing charm off the room until one of them can’t take it any more. Usually her, to be truthful. Then she begs, pink-faced, and Charlie gets between her thighs and ploughs a fucking furrow through her cunt.

Nothing like it. She sucks the moisture from a peach during dinner, and thinks about her little aches.


Percy finds her at the Ministry. His jaw is tight, his eyes over-bright with intensity, and he walks into her so her side hits the plywood wall of her cubicle.

“I know you’re involved in this mess. What’s happening? They’re dragging Ginny into – ”

Tonks shoves him away.

His hair’s dishevelled, he’s breathing hard. He looks like he’s on the edge, and something squeezes inside her.

Ten minutes later Percy’s fucking her like it’s vengeance. Tonks’ thighs clench round his waist with each thrust, each groan.

Maliciously, she turns her hair scarlet. He makes a sobbing sound when he comes.


She likes how George smiles cheerily while the businessman’s brain whirrs behind his eyes. It’d be easy to underestimate him, but she’s not surprised by his reaction to her sudden kiss: his body pushing against hers, hot tongue flickering against her mouth, fingers making their way inside her knickers.

He leads her to the backroom, pulling off her top and thumbing her nipples. They strip fast; George sprawls in an armchair. Tonks straddles his lap, and they groan as her pussy hits his cock.

She sinks down on his cock, relishing the thick length inside her, and starts to ride.

Warm, wide hands cup her breasts: not George’s hands. Tonks gasps and the movement of her body pushes her breasts further into – Fred’s hands. He’s standing behind her, smirking. The smirk is directed at George: a shared naughty grin that widens when Fred tweaks her nipple.

Tonks squeezes around George’s cock to make him gasp and starts moving again. George rubs her clit, Fred forces a finger in next to George’s cock. She convulses between them, held up by Fred’s arms.

Fred’s rubbing his cock against her, George is thrusting, she’s chasing orgasm –

They come together in a shuddering mess.


Ron’s brothers are old and nasty enough that she’s never felt guilty. With him...

She visits the Burrow a lot that summer, after Bill’s maiming.

Ron’s a good, experienced kisser; but when she slinks to his bed, he gapes. He lies carefully on top of her. His eyes fix on her face as he strokes her breasts, awkwardly reverent. She takes great joy in touching him, making his mouth open by sucking on his collarbone and nipple.

Ron comes fast, but his embarrassment’s charming. She gets herself off, rubbing against him, watching him blush at the sensation of her wetness.


By Easter Ginny’s face is thin. She holds herself differently now: straight-backed, her shoulders thrust back. She’s grown up.

It’s not like Tonks would have predicted. There’s no giggling and Ginny’s eyes don’t glaze over: they narrow like Percy’s. Tonks manages to press her to the mattress as they kiss and bite.

Tonks goes down on her, breathing in Ginny’s heat and taste. Her orgasm rolls over her tongue.

Ginny repays the favour, overzealous in her inexperience. Her determined look vanishes from Tonks’ vision when her eyes roll back.

Their fingers lace together, afterwards. Their hands are the same size.

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7th-Mar-2010 09:18 pm (UTC)
I totally love this! The summary is such fun because we have to match it up with the drabbles, and I love the angry!Percy sex. I love Ginny being all determined & grown up, whereas Ron was good-naturedly clueless. Yay for a full set of Weasleys :-D
8th-Mar-2010 10:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :) The angry!Percy sex took me by surprise but it was fun to write.

11th-Mar-2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
Oh god. Do you realize how amazing you are? Not only do you get me to read het, but you make me love the Weasleys even MORE, which I had thought impossible. And I love how you've explored each character's personality through their sexual habits.
12th-Mar-2010 12:21 am (UTC)
:DDD You read het!

I do love the Weasleys, they're so fun. Specially when they're having sex. Thanks for commenting!
(Deleted comment)
13th-Mar-2010 12:01 pm (UTC)
:) Thank you! Character explorations with porn are just WHAT FANFIC IS MEANT FOR. I'm glad you liked Percy - it felt odd, veering sharply into darker territory, but darkfic with Percy is so fun.
14th-Mar-2010 09:44 pm (UTC)
Here from woldy, and oof, so awesome! I love the idea that Tonks has worked her way through the Weasleys, and I loved how you characterised each one. I can't pick a favourite. :)
15th-Mar-2010 05:38 am (UTC)
:D Thank you so much!
23rd-Mar-2010 04:51 pm (UTC)
Ah... umm... gee... guh.
Well, that was fun. Love the fact that she collected all 7 Weasleys to be able to get the prize at the end.
*headdesk* No more chocolate for me, because it equals bad metaphores. Remind me of this, next time, please.
ANYWAY. What I can I say apart from 'yum'?
24th-Mar-2010 07:38 am (UTC)
:D LOL, I love that metaphor! Although apparently chocolate leads to typos. :P
24th-Sep-2011 11:10 am (UTC)
I did read this, but didn't comment... What a horrible friend I am!

Be that as it may, I do find this fasinatingly hot and just plain mmmph. I love how Tonks is a slut, that's my favorite. And clumsy clueless Ron, angry Percy is just epic and I want to piss him off just for another show. And Ginny was just love. One of my biggest darkest secrets is my love for Ginny/Tonks. Shhh.
24th-Sep-2011 11:11 am (UTC)
Just want to add that this would be the perfect time for my icon.
24th-Sep-2011 01:07 pm (UTC)
IT WOULD, LOL. If I had Photoshop I'd make it, I can picture just how it would look!
24th-Sep-2011 01:07 pm (UTC)
LOL, no worries!

Thank you :) I love clumsy!Ron and angry Percy - Percy is awesome to write dark stuff about. AND YAY FOR GINNY/TONKS. It's not a coincidence that she was 'just right' :)
2nd-Jul-2012 02:40 pm (UTC)
I like this. It's quite lovely to see someone fuck each and every one of the Weasley siblings.
4th-Jul-2012 08:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I really appreciate the comment on an older fic. And somebody should certainly do it :)
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