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covid jab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my first covid jab yesterday! And I’ve joined [personal profile] rydra_wong’s vaccination trial pyramid scheme, haha. I was actually booked for Saturday anyway (I’m 31 so my number just came up) but we like to contribute to medical science and they pay for travel.

It’s a new vaccine, Valneva, on its third stage. A pretty traditional deactivated-virus-particle vaccine, so it’s probably slightly less effective than mRNA, but that’s still REALLY effective. Control group gets AZ.

I’m getting the second jab in four weeks, too, so I’ll be fully vaccinated for most of the summer!!!!!!

I was so pleased last night because my arm didn’t even hurt, I thought I’d fully avoided side-effects, but between 2am and 6am I kept waking up with new symptoms (chills, malaise, tiredness, headache and muscle pains, fever). I was SO SWEATY from the fever, it was gross. Had a cool bath at like 7am which helped. Am now lying in bed feeling smushed.

I guess it means my immune system’s pretty strong, though! And apparently it’s usually over fast, so I’m hoping/expecting to be fine tomorrow. Anyway even on the three trains home from the clinic, I was sitting there like ‘hello person whose nose has escaped, hello person in next carriage who’s talking with no mask, soon I’ll care about you SO MUCH LESS.’ Like, obviously public health etc, but I’m not gonna lie, def less stressful when my personal risk’s almost zero.

Still, feel properly ill :(((( This was originally posted at Comment wherever you like :)
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Castlevania S4

Spoiler-free reaction: mixed feelings about a couple of aspects, but overall I loved it, and even the stuff I wasn’t a huge fan of was executed flawlessly.

Doing separate cuts for different characters cos this is 1000 words, but it’s 100% pure spoilers, including for the ending.


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Speaking of the sisters: Collapse )

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A year since

It’s my thirty-first birthday in ten minutes. I genuinely don’t know how I’m going to feel? Right now, honestly, I feel really sad.

No birthday wishes on this post please, I’ll post something else so we can do that and it won’t be weird :D

My thirtieth, I was broke and exhausted but it was still good. And I’m so, so grateful for the timing of it, because I saw a lot of my friends then, and I haven’t seen them since. Plenty of them I don’t see that often, and even though it wasn’t one of my best parties (not awful, just, the house was too small and it kinda messed with the vibes) having seen everyone pretty recently helped get me through spring and summer 2020.

So my birthday is looming really large as an anniversary. And you know, 30 was the start of a new decade, a big birthday, all that, and it’s been a lost year, and one where we’ve lost so much, so many. This was originally posted at Comment wherever you like :)
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Quietly vibrating

[personal profile] jjhunter did another How Are You (in Haiku) post, and my answer was:

Working, not looking
At terror lurking in the
Corner of my eye

I mean, I'm a Brit and I've done a really good decent job not obsessing the last fortnight. Now things are going less well.

The UK is embroiled in utter hideousness and it's only going to get worse as of 1st January (when Brexit rules come into play) and argh

Feel free to comment either re: the ARGH or with something unrelated and distracting, I'll follow your lead This was originally posted at Comment wherever you like :)
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I need one of those German words

Does anyone know if there's a specific term for the moment when someone who would otherwise be a trusted source on something they know much more about than you do, confidently says something that you know for a fact isn't true? And the way it makes everything else they say, about things where you wouldn't know if it's true or not, less credible?

It's such a specific thing, I feel like “loss of credibility” is too general. And sort of implies something more negative than I really mean here, where it's usually more about over-generalising or missing something than anything too dishonest or flagrantly wrong.

There are a bunch of examples from when I've been reading non-fiction and I've seen an argument wobble, but the moment I always think of is when an ungrad professor teaching a module on “The Literature of Desire” – basically Freudian analysis – said something about how people kiss in every culture. I knew for a fact that wasn't true; my mum had mentioned it, and her Master's degree in anthropology from SOAS gave her more credibility with me than this guy, I guess!

But I was twenty, and I couldn't remember which culture (cultures, probably?) specifically didn't kiss, and had found it weird when introduced to the concept – just that it was West African – so I wimped out of saying anything. Still, I heard everything he said more sceptically after that.

IDK. I need one of those German words. This was originally posted at Comment wherever you like :)
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Blade Runner

I only saw Blade Runner when I was 24, in 2014, so maybe that’s why, but my main reaction to it was “I heard so much ‘is he or isn’t he a Replicant?’ and nobody ever mentioned Harrison Ford’s character STRAIGHT-UP RAPES Rachel?????” This was originally posted at Comment wherever you like :)