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Harry Potter masterlist

NB: these fics are listed chronologically within their categories, so the best stuff is probably at the end.

If you’d like to make a podfic or translation or remix or do something else inspired by one of my fics, I am thrilled and delighted; please go ahead. I would ask that you please drop me a link, and if you’re all right with it I’ll rec and put a link on the fic and my masterlists. My fic ‘Unforgivable’ is a bit of an exception to the remix/inspired by rule - I will almost certainly be fine if you do anything with it, but it’s the one I have a special attachment to so please ask me first. Thanks very much.

I love comments on older fics. I am always thrilled to get concrit, even if it’s just ‘I didn’t like this part’ - you don’t need to analyse my writing to have a perspective, although obviously analysis is fantastic. Go for it, you’ll make me happy!

***Indicates my favourites***

Fics (stories over 1000 words):

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Honey – PG-13, 2000 words.
Harry is sick of Draco’s oh-so-adorable endearments. Written for enchanted_jae’s birthday.
You can hear a podfic of Honey by bleedforyou1 and see coverart for it by quimvaa here.

Eternity – G, 3700 words.
Seeing the future is less than fun for Draco. Written for sassy_cissa’s birthday.

Fin – R, 2800 words.
Harry needs to escape his own wedding, with the only person who could understand. Warnings: angst, epilogue-compliant. Written for lillithium’s birthday.

Power Plays – NC-17, 5600 words. Harry’s vowed not to involve himself in Ministry power plays, but the political manoeuvrings leave no one unchanged. Warnings: kinda darkfic, vampire!Draco

Let Them Eat Cake – NC-17, 2400 words.
Birthday PWP including a dominant Harry and a blindfold. Warnings: blindfold, bondage

***Too Many Places I’ve Got To See*** – R, 4200 words.
Harry and Draco meet at a Ministry victory celebration two weeks after the end of the war. The two of them goad each other into doing something they want: travelling the world alone for a year, avoiding all reminders of their real lives. Then they start sending each other letters.
Too Many Places was nominated for "Best One-Shot" in the 2009 Quibbler Awards..

Sugar – NC-17, 1800 words.
Birthday PWP. Draco’s covered in the remnants of a stolen doughnut; Harry cleans him off. Written for enchanted_jae’s birthday.

***The More Things Change – NC-17, 5200 words.***
Hogwarts graduation night, and Draco escapes to the top of the Astronomy Tower. Written for tweeney’s birthday.

A Bad Influence – PG-13, 5400 words.
Al and Scorpius are going off the rails, and Harry and Draco both blame the influence of the other man’s son.

***Very Lucky Indeed*** – PG, 1600 words.
Harry and animagus!Draco are interrupted in their cuddling by a highly displeased Ron. Written for leochi’s birthday.

In Vino Veritas (Et Libido) – R, 2000 words.
Draco’s drunk at a party. Harry is much too noble to take advantage. Honest. Written to cheer up lavillanueva and consequently, very fluffy.

Trust Exercises – PG, 1000 words.
It’s clear the Auror trainees need to learn to trust each other.

***Patience*** – NC-17, 1500 words.
Harry has never been patient. Warnings: D/s

Bad Behaviour – NC-17, 1500 words.
Harry’s feeling nostalgic, and makes a Hogwarts breakfast. Draco wants to play that they’re schoolboys too. Warnings: consent play

***Making A Politician Shut Up: A Lover’s Guide*** – NC-17, 7700 words.
Draco is the youngest member of the Wizengamot; being a politician has not made him quieter. Harry would just like one damn shag evening without Draco running his mouth. Warnings: D/s, clothed/naked, gagging, bondage, humiliation, orgasm delay (cock ring), very mild spanking. Fluff.

***Harry Potter, Sex Fiend*** – NC-17, 1800 words.
Draco was very naughty to tease Harry into fucking him at the office. Clearly he must be punished. Warnings: D/s, flogging, fluff

The Horrible, Vicious Little Tease In This Relationship – NC-17, 1600 words.
Harry’s learnt a new spell, and he’s driving Draco mad. Warnings: teasing, orgasm delay, bondage, mild D/s

***Red, Blue, Green, Yellow: Spanking In Four Part(ie)s*** – NC-17, 2000 words.
Politics make Harry want to smack someone. Luckily, he has Draco there to be smacked. Warnings: spanking, D/s
>Red, Blue, Green, Yellow: Spanking In Four Part(ie)s was nominated for Best Erotic Fiction at the 2010 dracoawards.

Something Special – NC-17, 1200 words. Most shameless id-fic ever: vamp!Harry and virgin!Draco non-con PWP. Warnings: non-con. Um. Forced turning?

***Won The Battle*** -- NC-17, 1200 words.
PWP. “Fucking him is like being at war.” Warnings: rough sex, a somewhat unhealthy relationship.

***The Language of Power*** -- NC-17, 2400 words.
Harry loves talking in Parseltongue to Draco during sex: his response is just delicious.
Warnings: D/s, Parselsmut, dark!Harry, dub-con shading into non-con, forced orgasm. This was written for gypsyflame's birthday.

Pairing: Pansy/Hermione

***Tangible Benefits*** – NC-17, 4100 words.
Pansy is the new Editor-in-Chief at the Prophet, and if she’s going to let Hermione keep up her campaigning, she’s going to need an incentive. Warnings: slight dub-con, some D/s, queening.
Tangible Benefits won "Best Femmeslash" at the Smutastic Awards 2010. It was also nominated for "Stroke My Crookshanks - Best Femmeslash" at the 2010 Forbidden Awards.

***What Grown-Ups Do*** – NC-17, 2000 words.
Hermione and Ron’s annual grown-up, middle-class Christmas party is under way. Pansy attends. Warnings: Infidelity, a bit of angst. This was written for woldy.

Pairing: Ron/Draco

***Unforgivable*** – NC-17, 8200 words. My favourite thing I've ever written.
Draco has been accepted by everyone but Ron as they attempt to rebuild Hogwarts. He makes an agreement with him: Ron will have one night to punish him, and do whatever he likes. After that, he has to forgive him. Warnings: dub-con, humiliation, whipping, object insertion, birching, forced blowjob, gagging, forced orgasm.

***Naked*** – NC-17, 1900 words.
Ron sleeps naked, and he’s determined to convert Draco. Draco finds it all rather embarrassing.
Warnings: fluff

Positive Reinforcement – NC-17, 1300 words.
Draco refuses to have sex to a soundtrack of unicorns and candy-canes. Warnings: orgasm control, D/s

Home Is Where The Heart Is (Where They Have To Take You In – R, 1300 words.
Draco is as pale and hard as Malfoy Manor itself, and he won’t warm up if that risks losing it. Warnings: flangst

Inherently Superior – NC-17, 1700 words.
It’s Ron’s turn to pick a kinky thing for them to do. Warnings: D/s, slight verbal humiliation, silly kink, magic use

***Unexpected*** – NC-17, 5600 words.
It’s Ron’s birthday, and apparently his birthday gift is a surprise. This will almost definitely be a good thing. Right? Warnings: cross-dressing (ie Draco in knickers

Pairing: Severus/Draco

Learn Your Place – NC-17, 2400 words.
Draco’s been put in the corner to think about what he did. Warnings: D/s, gagging (ring-gag), humiliation, orgasm denial

Choices - NC-17, 1800 words.
PWP. “Tonight, you have a choice.” Warnings: Caning, D/s

show me you want me (i've already seen your need) - NC-17, 3500 words. Severus knows Draco needs him. He wants proof that Draco wants to stay. Warnings: D/s, painplay, v light bondage. This was written for Daily Deviant in July 2012; the chosen kink was symbolic bondage.

Pairing: Other

Colour Wheel – NC-17, 1600 words, Tonks/OMC, Tonks/Charlie.
All adolescents’ appearances change dramatically, but Nymphadora Tonks took the cake.
Warnings: brief animal cruelty

If It Makes You Feel Good – NC-17, 1000 words, Scorpius/Al.
Al and Scorpius are having sex by the lake when they hear people coming. Warnings: Slight breathplay, fluff

***Pleasures of the Flesh*** - NC-17, 4000 words, Lucius/Harry.
“Harry had been knocked unconscious a lot in the last seven years. This was the first time he’d ever woken lying on silk sheets, or with heavy cuffs cutting into his wrists, or naked. It was certainly the first time he’d woken with Lucius Malfoy’s hand on his thigh.” Warnings: non-con, bondage, forced orgasm.

Greenfingers - NC-17, 1500 words, Neville/Draco.
Draco knows it’s a cliche, but sometimes he loves his sweaty gardener of a boyfriend and those green fingers. Warnings: SO MUCH FLUFF. This was written for secretlypadfoot's birthday.

Sanctuary - NC-17, 4000 words, Harry/Draco/Bill (established Draco/Bill relationship.)
When Harry goes to them, he isn’t running away from the bleak, lonely parts of life any more. He’s running towards something better. Warnings: blindfold, bondage, long hiar kink, little bit of D/s because who even am I
This was written for Kinky Kristmas 2011 at Daily Deviant.

A Proud Tradition - NC-17, 1000 words, Charlie/Draco.
Birthday spankings are a proud tradition. And anyway, Charlie wouldn’t be with Draco if he didn’t enjoy danger. Warnings: spanking
Written for vix_spes as part of my drabble meme for Draco's birthday.

***I Want The hard Centre (Not The Chocolatey Shell)*** - NC-17, 5000 words, Neville/Draco.
After the war, Neville goes back to his bumbling, flustered self. Draco hates, hates, hates it. Warnings: D/s, bit of bondage; some non-sexy slut-shaming
This was written for elainemalfoy's birthday and became a Hot Rec at the daily_snitch.

Ficlets (stories under 1000 words):

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Making Sweet Music – NC-17, 500 words.
Hermione gives Draco a Muggle radio for his birthday.

He’s Up To Something – R, 300 words.
Hermione asks Harry to work out what Malfoy’s up to.

Shared Gaze – PG, 300 words.
“Draco and Harry haven’t spoken since their last night, but they’ve come to a tacit agreement nonetheless. They don’t smile at each other.” Post-epilogue angst.

Danger – NC-17, 300 words.
Harry sits in front of the fire with Draco as part of a romantic evening, and notices Draco’s nerves.

Spells Aren’t Enough – R, 500 words.
Spells aren’t enough to save Harry from a curse, and Draco tries to remember how Muggles attempt saving their loved ones. Warnings: flangst with emphasis on the angst, Christian references

Pansy’s Rival – R, 400 words.
Pansy is determined to find out who’s taken Draco off the market. My response to all those fics where Pansy is weepy and pathetic, or a screeching harpy.

Getting Checked Out – NC-17, 600 words.
Draco has a check-up with Dr Potter. Warnings: some erotic humiliation

Kinky Blowjob – NC-17, 300 words.
An expanded version of Kinky Boots.

***Aurum Potentas Est – NC-17, 400 words.
Harry’s power is nothing like Draco’s. Warnings: fairly dark Draco, epilogue-compliant

Butterfly*** – NC-17, 600 words.
“He was a butterfly on a board: pinned by Harry’s eyes, spread by his body.”

You’re Timeless To Me – G, 200 words.
Draco worries over his receding hairline. Written for a meme.

A Case of You – PG, 200 words.
“They almost forgot their connection: but that was why it worked. Because it was always almost.” Written for a meme.

Wish You Were Here – G, 200 words.
Harry tries to stay Dumbledore’s man, and Draco lies to soothe him. Warnings: angst. Written for a meme.

Somebody Like You – G, 200 words.
Hogwarts has been rebuilt, and Harry asks Draco what he wants. Written for a meme.

The March of Witch-Hunters – R, 100 words.
They’re coming for Draco and his family, and only Harry can protect them. Warnings: dub-con. Written for a meme.

Sunday Morning – NC-17, 200 words.
Saturday nights are fun. Sunday mornings are cuddly. Warnings: D/s, paddling, fluff. Written for a meme.

You Give Love A Bad Name – PG-13, 100 words.
“Harry was in love, and it wasn’t going well.” Warnings: angst, cross-dressing!Draco. Written for a meme.

Sister Suffragette – G, 200 words.
Ridiculous AU with Harry and Draco as WW1-era women fighting for the vote; it’s pre-(femme)slash. Written for a meme.

The Alamo Is No Place For Dancing – PG, 300 words.
Harry writes Draco a letter afterwards, trying to understand. Warnings: angst. Written for a meme.

Easy/Lucky/Free – PG, 300 words.
Draco keeps going, through months and years. Warnings: major character death, angst. Written for a meme.

Shameless – PG, 400 words.
Subtle flirting doesn’t appear to be working, so Harry is shameless.

Booted – NC-17, 800 words.
Draco flirts with Terry Boot even after Harry’s warned him not to. Warnings: jealousy, slight D/s, kind-of exhibitionism, Draco being incorrigible

Internal Ache – R, 900 words.
Astoria took measures to stop Draco finding a male lover – or any lover at all. Warnings: cruel!Astoria, angst

***The Second Time*** – NC-17, 900 words.
Blaise seduces Harry and goes to the Prophet. Draco disapproves.

Hold Me Down – NC-17, 700 words.
Harry courts Draco, then asks what he wants in bed. “Hold me down.”

***Family and Friends*** – PG-13, 600 words.
Pansy waits for Draco, and a journalist asks personal questions.

Worthy – NC-17, 600 words.
“I’ve got Harry Potter in chains. A couple of years ago this would have really helped with my Death Eater resume.” Warnings: D/s, bondage
Worthy was nominated for "Best PWP" in the 2010 Smutastic Awards.

Hi, Malfoy – NC-17, 900 words.
Comment!porn based on this fantastic art by reira_21. Harry pounces on Draco, wanting to play. Warnings: consensual non-con, light breathplay, forced orgasm

Bad Boy – R, 500 words.
Harry doesn’t think Draco’s much of a ‘bad boy’. Warnings: Mentions of Draco with some ladies, although with an H/D ending

***Another Sort of Sunlight*** – PG-13, 500 words.
The eighth years go swimming in the lake. Harry wants Draco to join them. This ficlet won that week’s sortinghatdrabs.

Permanent Failure – R, 500 words.
Draco hated the scars at first. They’re a permanent mark of failure. Warnings: angst

Closure – G, 500 words.
For a moment, Harry thought it was a hallucination or a stupid mistake. How could Dudley be here?

Screwed Blue – PG-13, 700 words.
Draco’s doing community service and Harry is his Auror-in-training sponsor. He has to pat him down for contraband.
Screwed Blue was nominated for Best Drabble or Ficlet at the 2010 dracoawards.

Walk All Over You – NC-17, 900 words.
PWP: Harry asks Draco to wear high heels to bed. This was written for treacle_tartlet.
Walk All Over You was nominated for "Best One-Shot" in the 2010 Smutastic Awards.

A Better Fate -- R, 300 words.
Draco had never said he’d change. Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at slythindor100. Warnings: angst

Almost Naked -- R, 300 words.
Everyone experiences Occlumency differently; Draco sees it as cloth. Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at slythindor100.

Aftermath -- NC-17, 300 words.
“Weren’t you supposed to hate someone less after you had sex with them?” Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at slythindor100. Warnings: angst

Pros and Cons of Fucking Harry Potter -- NC-17, 300 words.
Draco liked to be organised even when his world was falling apart, so he made a list: Pros and Cons of Fucking Harry Potter. Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at slythindor100. Warnings: bit of angst

Enough -- NC-17, 300 words.
Draco hopes that Potter not hating him will be enough, if he can’t stop hating himself. Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at slythindor100. Warnings: angst

Trapped – PG, 500 words.
Draco is punished for his hate speech. Warnings: angst, switching POVs (at the drabble breaks)

Worthy – NC-17, 600 words.
“I’ve got Harry Potter in chains. A couple of years ago this would have really helped with my Death Eater resume.” Warnings: D/s, bondage

What I'll Accept - PG, 500 words.
Harry comes to Astoria, and asks permission: just one night with Draco. Warnings: angst, melodrama

Pairing: Ron/Draco

Riots (Are A Public Menace) – R, 500 words.
“Ron couldn’t understand what Draco was thinking, wanting to announce their deviance.” Warnings: mentions of homophobia

I’d Hate To Have To Punish You – PG-13, 400 words.
Ron Weasley is Draco’s probation officer. Worse, Draco can’t stop noticing his forearms.

Punished and Pink – NC-17, 400 words.
Spanking porn: Draco’s been very rude to Hermione. Written for the ronbigbang Art challenge.

***Totally Top*** – NC-17, 600 words.
PWP: Ron ties Draco down and rides him. *shrugs* Sometimes the simplest summaries are the best. Warnings: bondage

***On The Pull*** – NC-17, 900 words.
Draco’s receding hairline is not getting in the way of his sex life. Warnings: D/s


Shiny Things – PG-13, 400 words.
Draco has a present for her. This was written for the dmpp_ldws. Warnings: fluff.

Lucky – G, 300 words. The other girls at Hogwarts think Pansy is terribly lucky. She is, but not for the reasons they think. This was written for the dmpp_ldws. Warnings: present tense

Sugar and Spice -- PG-13, 500 words.
Draco will always be grateful for Astoria’s kindness, but he misses Pansy’s raging like a limb. This was written for the dmpp_ldws. Warnings: Epilogue-compliant angst

***Juvenile Delinquency*** -- PG, 500 words.
“They sent the Slytherins to a re-education camp over the summer after the war.” This was written for the dmpp_ldws. Warnings: angst, slightly darkfic.

Pairing: Other (Slash)

***Parallels*** – G, 300 words.
Unrequited love down the generations. Warnings: angst

***Someone Should Introduce Him To Placebo*** – R, 400 words. Harry/Scorpius.
“Scorpius Malfoy knew he was different. The rest of his year – the rest of his school - was insufferably teenage.” Warnings: teacher/student, predatory older man. This fic won that week’s Sorting Hat Drabbles competition.

***Corruption*** – R, 500 words. Percy/Draco.
Draco’s in Azkaban. Percy likes to feel powerful. Warnings: implied non-con, dark!Percy

No Biting – NC-17, 300 words. Charlie/Draco/Harry.
Charlie and Harry are obedience-training Draco.

Negative Space – NC-17, 400 words. Remus/Regulus (Remus/Sirius relationship).
Wandering the school in the aftermath of the prank, Remus finds Regulus. Warnings: underage, infidelity

Not Exactly The Same – G, 500 words, Severus/Draco.
Severus always saw himself as a lifelong bachelor. Written as part of my comment!party to celebrate to overturning of Prop 8.

Twilight - R, 500 words, Neville/Draco.
Neville and Draco on a summer night. Also, how elemental opposites make good lovers.
Warnings: fluff

Pairing: Other (Femmeslash)

An Extraordinary Witch – PG, 300 words.
Hermione/Luna flangst. Hermione can’t find out how to restore her parents’ minds. Luna is there to help. This fic won that week’s Sorting Hat Drabbles competition.

Mistress of the Universe – PG, 200 words.
Pansy/Hermione. Sometimes Hermione goes to see Pansy in the Auror department. Warnings: dark!Pansy, mindfuck

***Sick*** – R, 400 words.
Pansy/Luna, Pansy/Neville. He was a shy schoolboy, and she had a strong stomach. Luna’s been captured, and Pansy will do anything necessary to keep abreast of what’s happening to her.

Pearls Don’t Bring Tears – PG-13, 400 words, Parvati/Astoria (with implied Draco/Astoria).
Parvati and Astoria grow up not quite together. This came second in the sortinghatdrabs competition.

Finding The Way – PG-13, 200 words, Pansy/Ginny.
Pansy doesn’t need to be led into temptation: she can find the way herself. And Ginny Weasley doesn’t take much finding.

Pairing: Other (Het)

Friendly Rivalry – PG-13, 300 words.
Sibling rivalry never quite goes away, and Bill’s standing next to Tonks. (This is fluff though.)

***Luna Triumphant*** – PG, 200 words, Dean/Luna.
Dean’s first exhibition takes place at Malfoy Manor. This fic won that week’s Sorting Hat Drabbles competition.

***Boudicca*** – PG, 500 words, Neville/Ginny.
Ginny reminds Neville of Boudicca, flame-haired warrior queen. She likes that. This fic won that week’s sortinghatdrabs. Warnings: angst

Guilty -- G, 500 words. Harry/Pansy.
Pansy is sent to Azkaban for treason. This won Mod’s Choice at Sorting Hat Drabbles.

My Mistake -- R, 300 words. Hermione/Draco.
If it’s a mistake, it’s her mistake to make.

Care of Magical Creatures – NC-17, 200 words. Charlie/Tonks.
Charlie likes danger, and bravery, and unusual creatures. He’s discovering he rather likes sex, too. This was the runner-up in sortinghatdrabs.

Sin Is Just Knowledge - PG-13, 500 words. Ginny/Neville.
Ginny didn’t want to die with regrets. She won’t live with them either.

Sunshine - G, 700 words. Dean/Luna.
After spending so long yearning for Hogwarts, Dean wants to be outside, away from the stone. So does Luna.


St Michael the Archangel – PG, 500 words.
“George wanted to hide from their eyes at Fred’s funeral.” Warnings: angst, canon character death

The Definition of Civil War – G, 400 words.
Narcissa overheard the Dark Lord’s orders to Regulus. Warnings: angst

What We Fear -- G, 300 words.
Draco’s Boggart used to be his father. Warnings: post-HBP

***Well-Established*** – R, 500 words, Slytherin gen/Draco wanking to the Patil and Weasley twins.
Draco has a Twin Thing. This fic was runner-up in that week’s sortinghatdrabs.


Pairing: Harry/Draco

Birth – G, 100 words.
Surely they’ve a chance in this new world.

When He First Fell – G, 100 words.
“Draco was getting money from a hole in the wall when he fell in love with Harry Potter.”

The Birthday Party – PG, 200 words.
Blaise notices Harry’s a gold mine.

Fooling Around – G, 100 words.
Potter looks like he’s been kissing.

Getting Their Own Back – G, 100 words.
Draco gets the Weasley twins back.

Kinky Boots – NC-17, 200 words.
Harry goes shoe-shopping with Draco, and is rewarded.

Dirty Boy – PG, 200 words.
Harry always thought Malfoy’s polished appearance meant he was tidy too.

Distant – G, 100 words.
Harry wants to know who Malfoy can be plotting against, if it’s not him. Set during HBP.

Scared, Potter? – G, 100 words.
Returning to Hogwarts for his eighth year, Harry meets someone at the barrier at King’s Cross.

The Last Laugh – R, 100 words.
Draco’s taunted for his homosexuality; but he gets to have Harry, so it’s worth it. Followed by:

My Boyfriend’s Gonna Get You – PG, 100 words.
Harry doesn’t take kindly to people mocking his boyfriend.

Meeting The Parents – PG-13, 100 words.
Lucius asks Harry what his intentions are. Narcissa rescues him.

Elemental Love – G, 200 words.
Once upon a time there was a boy, and he was everything the House of Gryffindor stood for.

Forbidden – NC-17, 200 words.
Harry and Draco meet in the Forest.

Sanctuary – PG-13, 200 words.
Draco discovers the great outdoors.

Pulling Potter’s Pigtails – PG, 100 words.
Malfoy nicks some of Harry’s hair.

Happy Birthday, Draco! – PG-13, 100 words.
Harry gives Draco what he’s been asking for for his birthday.

Full Circle – PG-13, 200 words.
Lucius finds out. Warnings: angst

A Rush of Blood to the Head – NC-17, 100 words.
“Harry loved making Draco blush.”

A Simple Solution – PG, 100 words.
Written for an mpreg challenge, for people who don’t like mpreg.

Green – G, 100 words.
Green used to be Draco’s favourite colour. Warnings: angst, major character death

Sneezing, Silly Man – G, 200 words. Harry’s feeling poorly. Warning: VERY fluffy

Consequences – R, 100 words.
What happens after the happy ending. Warnings: angst

Lollipops – PG-13, 100 words.
Draco’s got a sweet tooth.

Golden Snitch – PG-13, 100 words.
A bit of silly banter.

Bedtime – PG-13, 100 words.
Draco wants to get rid of Ron and Hermione.

Draco Dormiens Numquam Titillandus – G, 100 words.
Pre-slash. “Voldemort is obsessed with Hogwarts. Yet clearly, when he chose to allow my father to rot in jail, he forgot to consider its motto.” Warning: first-person POV

Jealousy and Envy – G, 100 words.
“An important difference between them was this: Harry felt jealousy. Draco felt envy.”

Married?! – PG-13, 100 words.
Draco’s hyperventilating over his son’s engagement. Followed by:

Why Weasleys Shouldn’t Rule The Gene Pool – G, 100 words.
Draco’s hyperventilating over his first grandchild.

Sweet Package – PG-13, 200 words.
Malfoy gets a package that doesn’t contain his usual sweets. Harry investigates.

Learnt From The Best – G, 100 words.
Harry learns to pout.

He Can’t Wear White – PG-13, 100 words.
Draco doesn’t want to get married on his birthday. Warnings: spanking references, fluff

Can/’t Make Me Do That – PG-13, 100 words.
“You can’t make me love you.” Warnings: implied dub-con

He Cries Too, Sometimes – NC-17, 100 words.
Harry’s discovered the wonders of porn. Warnings: angst, implied dub-con

After The End – G, 100 words.
“Draco didn’t scream when it happened.” Warnings: Dementor’s Kiss, angst

Subtext Equals Buttsex – R, 100 words.
Harry’s angry. Draco’s filthy-minded. Warnings: punnery

The Opposite of Love – PG-13, 100 words.
Set after the-passionate-hatesex-becomes-love.

Suck My Throbbing Appendage – G, 100 words. Draco yelps. Harry fixes it.

In A Naked Way – PG-13, 200 words.

***Love Is A Game*** – PG, 100 words.
Love is a game. But is it a game of chance, or strategy?

Coming Together (Through Trauma) – R, 100 words.
Harry and Draco sneak into the staffroom, and wish they hadn’t.

The First Time – PG-13, 100 words.
“Draco Malfoy’s mouth was the most expressive Harry’d ever seen.”

I Had Him – G, 200 words.
Harry tells Draco it’s over. Warnings: first person POV, epilogue-compliant angst

Beholden (Or Otherwise) – PG-13, 200 words.
Malfoy refuses to take Harry’s charity.

Passing Strange – G, 100 words.
Draco thinks about how Harry looks when he’s in awe.

The Great Outdoors – R, 100 words.
Harry persuades Draco to go for a picnic.

***Light*** – NC-17, 100 words.
“Harry had always liked light.”

Teenage Kicks – NC-17, 100 words.
Dom!Harry fucks Draco at Malfoy Manor.

Release – NC-17, 100 words.
Dom!Harry makes Draco beg to come.

I Vant To Suck Your... Blood – PG, 100 words.
Harry has a vampire fantasy.

Summer Heat – R, 200 words.
“By all laws of god and man, the sun should be shining.”

Roses and Thorns – NC-17, 100 words.
Draco was nervous when they went up to bed, but he soon gained confidence.

Manly Weapons – PG-13, 100 words.
Ron’s bewildered.

Trapped – PG-13, 500 words.
Draco is punished for his hate speech.

Competitive Urges – PG-13, 100 words.
The eighth-years are banned from the house teams. Harry really wants to play some fucking Quidditch.

Trying – NC-17, 500 words.
Sometimes even Malfoys have to work for their pleasure. Warnings: orgasm delay, D/s, cock ring, bondage

Will You Marry Me? -- R, 200 words. Harry asks Draco to marry him in Slytherin fashion.

Immortality – G, 200 words. The only way to be immortal is to create something that lives after you: work, or children. Warnings: mpreg, FLUFF

Green – NC-17, 100 words.
Green isn’t Draco’s favourite colour because of Harry’s eyes. Warnings: References to D/s, spanking, blindfolds and face-slapping, but all very brief ones; fluff

***Love Affair*** – R, 100 words.
Harry's rather pleased at the chance to be soppy, but Draco gets prickly about it. Warnings: imminent kink

Holding Hands – PG, 300 words.
Harry asks Draco out for lunch. This was written for enchanted_jae as thanks for buying a Help Japan vgift.

Pairing: Ron/Draco

Weasel King – R, 200 words.
Ron’s Keeper for the Cannons, and his team just beat Draco’s.

***Fuck The Formalities*** – PG-13, 100 words.
Someone’s been leaving flowers on Draco’s desk.

Checkmate – NC-17, 100 words.
Draco is defeated.

My Turn – NC-17, 100 words.
Draco wants to try something new.

Lost Control – NC-17, 100 words.

Singed But Grinning – NC-17, 200 words.
Draco wants Ron to tell his family.

***Markings*** – R, 300 words.
“Everything that should keep them apart is etched on their bodies, but their bodies draw close nonetheless.”

Pansy Cissy Draco – PG-13, 200 words.
Silly, punny talk about the power of names.

Resolution (My Left Buttock) – PG-13, 100 words.
Resolutions are made to be broken.

Burrower – PG, 200 words.
“Ron’s always been the kind to stay close to home.”

The Perfect Gift – PG-13, 100 words.
Ron forgot their anniversary.

Rubbing Along All Right – NC-17, 100 words. “Why had they thought moving in together was a good idea?” Warnings: punnery

***Five Stages of Falling in Love*** – PG-13, 300 words.
“Irritatingly, Ron’s recovery after the war fit the Healer’s list of prescribed emotions.”

Spectacular – PG-13, 200 words.
Draco’s making a spectacle of himself on the dancefloor.

Pierced – R, 200 words.
“Ron got the nipple piercing for two reasons: bitter made a lightweight of him, and Charlie and George were bastards who took advantage of their brother’s impaired state.”

Trade – PG, 200 words.
Ron takes Draco to his regular.

Celebration – PG-13, 100 words.
Ron’s finally an Auror.

Energy – G, 200 words.
Ron and Draco fight, then make up. Warnings: bit of angst

Keeper – PG-13, 200 words.
Ron’s a Keeper. So is Draco. (The author hopes the phrase ‘that one’s a keeper’, ie somebody you should keep as your romantic partner, is an international one.)

Getting Up – G, 100 words.
Ron helps Draco get up from where he was before.

***The Scientific Method *and* An Artist*** – NC-17, 300 words.
A sort of diptych: Draco’s approach to sex, then Ron’s. Warnings: fluff

The Humility Rites – G, 400 words.
Draco chooses to perform the Humility Rites. Warnings: angst

Grime – G, 100 words.
“Obsession. It had a perverse grandeur.” Warnings: angst

Sweet Tooth – G, 600 words.
They both had a thing for sweetness.

Something New - G, 600 words.
Draco’s sent on a journey to somewhere new. Warnings: angst, melodrama

An Enormous Talent - R, 300 words.
Ron likes to sing in the shower.

They Did Not Cover This In Teacher Training - PG, 200 words.
Severus Snape is not paid enough for this. Warnings: sex switch

Vertical Desire - PG-13, 300 words.
Malfoy teaches Ron about the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

Creature of the Night - R, 400 words.
Even being a vampire hasn’t made a dent in Weasley’s essential wholesomeness. Probably.

Memorium - NC-17, 200 words.
"Everyone else remembers it as the day Voldemort was defeated. Draco remembers it as the day he got one of his best friends killed." Warnings: angst

Built For It - G, 100 words. Ron’s built to be a good Keeper, not like Draco’s skinny little Seeker self.

D - R, 200 words. There’s an unexpected gift for Draco this Christmas.

Rock - PG-13, 200 words. Draco offers Ron a massive, shiny ring.

Guilty Conscience - R, 500 words.
“Ron worried, sometimes, that Draco’s liking for being spanked and caned and told he was bad came from his lingering guilt.” Warnings: angst, implied caning

Oliver Mellors' Lover - R, 100 words.
Draco has a very predictable kink.

Scent Memory - R, 100 words.
What is it about leather that just says 'I OWN your ass'? – Desperate Housewives. Warnings: blindfolding, implied flogging and D/s

Glow - R, 100 words.
“Their coupling creates more heat than light, Ron knows.”

Light-Fingered - G, 100 words.
Draco has always been light-fingered.

Christmas Spirit - R, 100 words.
Draco is not a fan of puns.

Once Lost - PG, 500 words.
Draco’s parents find out. Warnings: angst.

Pairing: Neville/Draco

Help – PG, 100 words. Draco oversees the Carrows’ detentions in his seventh year. Warnings: Implied torture

The Socratic Method – NC-17, 500 words.
Draco is Neville’s first and best student. Neville believes in the Socratic method.

Better Than Luck – G, 100 words.
Draco doesn’t want a four-leafed clover.

Interesting Scars - G, 200 words.
The eighth-years are sharing confessions. Warnings: fluff

Pairing: Severus/Draco

***Subspace*** – R, 200 words.
Aftercare: Draco’s sunk in his own mind, but Severus’ voice anchors him. Warnings: lots of references to D/s, bondage, and whipping; fluff

Pairing: Other (Slash)

It’s Too Early For This – PG, 100 words. Harry/Scorpius.
“Scorpius? Care to explain why all my trousers have turned to leather?”

Home – NC-17, 200 words. Snape/Draco.
Draco comes to Snape when he’s homesick.

Forfeit – NC-17, 100 words. Harry/Draco/James II.
The three of them play Quidditch together. Draco always loses, and always pays the forfeit.

Strokes – R, 100 words. Dean/Seamus.
Dean sketches Seamus.

Pet – NC-17, 100 words. Charlie/Draco/Harry.
Charlie and Harry are obedience-training Draco.

***Waiting*** – NC-17, 200 words, Rabastan/Draco.
It was months before Rabastan went beyond looking at him in ways that made him flush with shame. Warnings: non-con.

Fucking Like The World’s About To End – NC-17, 300 words, Charlie/Harry.
Harry associates Charlie with fire. But ice works, too.

Blade – R, 300 words, Rabastan/Draco.
Draco’s helpless and terrified. Rabastan has a knife. Warnings: non-con, knife-play

Pairing: Other (Femmeslash)

Reasons To Smile – NC-17, 100 words. Bellatrix/Andromeda, Narcissa/Andromeda.
The middle child always has reasons to smile.

Booked – R, 200 words, Hermione/Pansy.
Hermione says she has to do coursework instead of sex. Pansy isn’t taking that lying down.

***Trust*** – PG, 100 words, Cho/Marietta.
When Marietta pulled back, Sneak was gone.

***Cartography*** – R, 300 words, Minerva/Xiomara Hooch.
Bit of McGonagall femmeslash set during the first war. Warnings: ongoing-war type angst?

French Kissing – NC-17, 200 words, Fleur/Cho.
Fleur comes up to Cho in the library – and the library’s the traditional place for Ravenclaws, after all. Written for klashfor.

Pairing: Other (Het)

***The Seven Weasleys*** – NC-17, 700 words, Tonks/Bill, Tonks/Charlie, Tonks/Percy, George/Tonks/Fred, Tonks/Ron, Tonks/Ginny.
Seven smutty drabbles for seven Weasleys. One was too reliable, and one was too overseas, and one was too fucked-up, and two were too much to handle, and one was too in love with another. And one was just right. Warnings: ignores Tonks/Remus, present tense

Mrs Malfoy’s Entertainment – R, 100 words, Kingsley/Narcissa.
She is the consummate hostess. Warnings: infidelity, obviously

A Bit of Power – NC-17, 200 words, Kingsley/Narcissa.
“It isn’t infidelity; Narcissa can play a long game.”

***Blonds Have More Fun*** – G, 200 words, Draco/Luna.
“Draco had heard that love was like spinning until you were dizzy.”

Drabble series

The Smitten series – Harry/Draco. My shamelessly fluffy drabble series, with a cuddly Draco, an affectionate Harry and a rocking Pansy.

Tongue Thing – PG, 200 words.
Draco comes back from his date with Potter with a dopey smile.

Slow and Sweet – PG, 300 words.
Draco’s happy, Nott’s a twat and Pansy’s brilliant.

***I Already Am*** – NC-17, 400 words.
Draco loses his virginity. There’s a lot of blushing and cuteness.

Fool – R, 300 words.
The version of the ‘morning after’ I wrote for April Fools. My flist was sad.

Beast – PG, 100 words.
The real morning after.

Post-Sex Smirking – PG-13, 200 words.
Harry and Draco have breakfast, and put Ron off his food.

Easily Done – PG-13, 300 words.
Draco has a good day which ends with Theo Nott grabbing him.

The Poor Kingsley!verse – Harry/Draco. Comedy drabble sets, featuring Kingsley and his incorrigible Aurors

An Indecent Proposal – R, 100 words.
It's a hard life running the Auror force.

***Unprofessional Conduct*** – R, 500 words.
Kingsley is sure the Aurors’ stationery cupboard isn’t actually haunted.

In Your End-O – PG-13, 200 words.
“Kingsley was beginning to think that visiting his Aurors when they were injured in the field was entirely too much work.” Warnings: punnery

The So Much For series – Harry/Draco, Blaise/Draco. In which Draco is sarcastic and gorgeous and Harry is a wimp.

So Much For Being A Gryffindor – G, 100 words.
Every day Harry swears he’ll ask Draco out.

So Much For Resolution – PG-13, 400 words.
Harry’s New Year Resolution is to ask Draco out.

Possessive Bastard – PG-13, 400 words.
Blaise and Draco dance. Harry grinds his teeth.

The Silver Snitch series – Harry/Draco. mystery series about the Silver Snitch, a Slytherin whistleblower who spoke on Potterwatch

The Silver Snitch – G, 100 words.
The Quibbler asks where the Silver Snitch is now.

They’ll Never Know – G, 100 words.
Conversation and the next installment.

The Incubus series – Harry/Draco. Drabble series set in eighth year. There’s a succubus visiting Hogwarts.

No Suck-Related Puns, Please – PG-13, 400 words.
The Gryffindor boys reckon the “nightmare girl” has returned to Hogwarts. Malfoy’s sceptical.

Stagnation – G, 100 words.
Draco’s suffering winter blues.

I Need You To Need Me – G, 100 words.
“When was Malfoy going to ask for help?”

The Parole series – Ron/Draco.

Grey – G, 400 words.
Draco's out of bed. Warnings: angst

Abandoned Hope – R, 400 words.
Draco dreams of Voldemort, Bellatrix, Fenrir... and Azkaban. He doesn’t want Ron to know about the Azkaban nightmares. Warnings: mentions of rape threats and torture, angst


Pairing: Harry/Draco

***Untitled Harry/Draco haiku*** – NC-17. Sequential H/D haiku from alternating POVs. Followed by:

***Marked*** – NC-17. Draco tries to make Harry understand.

I Grant I Never Saw A God(dess) Go – PG-13. A sonnet for the real Harry Potter.

You Harlot – NC-17. A limerick with down-on-his-luck Draco, spanking, name-calling and dubious consent.

You Still Know Just What I Want For Christmas – R. Two Christmas haiku, from two different stages of Harry and Draco’s lives.

I’ll Be A Better Son – PG-13. A villanelle that tells the story of how Draco enters Auror training at nineteen, to prove himself and his family to the world. 2000 begins with Draco part of a public new relationship.

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