August 12th, 2020

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The Ghost Of Something You Wanted

Title: The Ghost Of Something You Wanted
Word count: ~2900
Characters/pairings: Prompto!Ardyn/Noct
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Stuff gets weird on the train. Prompto’s being weird, but Noct can be okay with that; Prompto’s being pushy, but Noct might like that, especially if it helps him forget how fucked up everything is.
Content notes: non-con (Ardyn’s shifted into Prompto, and Noct doesn’t know)
Author’s Notes: This is a present for my beloved [ profile] warpstrikeassassin, who wanted this scenario and probably didn’t predict me leaning into the angst. I did have a wonderful time writing Ardyn dialogue into Prompto’s mouth and Noct being like “??????”

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