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I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
Snowflake Challenge: Day 11 
30th-Jan-2017 02:40 pm
FYI, my January DD fic - Dirty Uncle Charlie porn - is up here. Read the warnings and have fun :D

Day 11

In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

This seemed impossibly difficult; there are so many creators whose work I love. But I mentioned lizardspots to the relatively-new-to-fandom mywitch the other week, and mywitch didn’t know who she was. Which is totally fair but made me sad because Lizard’s art is FANTASTIC and I don’t want people to miss out on it - particularly given that mywitch is a massive Snape fan and Lizard did so much great Snape art.

lizardspots isn’t really in fandom any more though she’s still a friend of mine and sporadically updates her LJ to let people know how her life is going. She has a massive masterlist with lots of different characters, including cute gen and pervy porn. Her work is mostly Potter but there’s a decent chunk of other fandoms too. She’s got a sly wit, a lot of atmosphere, gorgeously detailed backgrounds, and did I mention the porn?

Relax, Kitten. Fenrir/Draco; R; bruises and blood, bondage, implied non-con. Summary: see title.

This is one of my favourite pieces of fanart of all time. Draco’s furious eyes combined with his total helplessness - arms bound and trapped under a massive, muscular Fenrir - makes my life. The purple bruises, the blood, Fenrir’s fanged grin, Draco’s body drawn taut and his slashed-to-pieces shirt and the trousers that have been dragged down to reveal his soft cock. And gaaah I just keep coming back to that eye contact and Fenrir’s finger on Draco’s lower lip. I mean I’m a bit embarrassed by how much I love this but I dooooooo.

A Spell For My Enemies. Severus; PG-13; gore & disturbing imagery. Summary: Young Severus Snape experimenting on animals as he creates "Sectusempra".

The inks are gorgeous and the composition of this is fantastic, helping it feel subtly unreal in a way that really ratchets up the emotion and edge of madness. Severus’ intense expression is unbearably sad.

Alea Iacta Est. Severus/Draco; G. Summary: My first ever Snaco art!

This is incredibly beautiful, detailed watercolours and inks. It conveys so much atmosphere, and there’s such a lovely quiet intimacy there: both of them with glasses of wine, and Severus pausing in his reading to stroke Draco. I love Severus’ rather more buttoned-up clothes - the undone top button the only concession to relaxation - compared with sprawled-out barefoot Draco. Also - and this is possibly a dark way to put it, it shows my Snaco tastes - but Severus’ hand at Draco’s neck while Draco is so relaxed does show so much trust. <333

All I Need Is Your Cooperation. Harry/Draco; NC-17; bondage. Summary: Auror!Harry, Prisoner!Draco. Oh yeah....

MAGICAL BONDAGE YEAAAAH. And clothed/naked! I love that Draco’s naked and bound and on his knees, and Harry’s got his wand and still in his Ministry armband, but there’s still such tension in the room and Draco looks so far from helpless.

Airborne. Charlie & Norbert; G. Summary: Charlie’s playing catch with young Norbert.

This is so fun. I love Charlie’s loose position on the broom - so IC from a great flyer and risk-taker - and the composition. And it’s a DRAGON. I love it when HP artists take full advantage of our magical canon.

Erised. Harry/Draco; G. Summary: See title.

Boooooys. Such sad little mirror images. You’re mirrors: reversed yet reflected in each other. Fall in looooooove ♥

Tarts and Vicars. Pansy & Draco, G. Summary: It's Draco and Pansy going to a "Tarts & Vicars" fancy dress party, except Draco's the tart and Pansy's the vicar.

Lizard is SO GREAT at clothes and that’s showed off to perfection here. Father Pansy is crazy hot - I’m in love with her hair and her smirk and for some reason her trousers. Draco’s fishnet everything and pose and their sidelong looks at each other also = pure joy.

Girl Sirius. Sirius, James, & Remus; G. Summary: It's 1976 (is that the right year?) and the Marauders (except Peter, who is off doing... something evil and mouse-y, no doubt) sneak into the Potions lab at dinner time. Sirius is convinced that they can make a potion that'll turn him into a babe magnet *snerk* but umm. Things go a little awry. *smiles innocently*

I just love Remus’ and James’ different reactions, Sirius’ fury, and the beautiful detailed background that says so much. Plus it’s funny.

Checkmate!. Harry/Draco; G. Summary: Harry and Draco playing chess, and Harry is losing miserably, poor sod.

Pouty Harry and smug barefoot Draco, all in beautiful black and white ♥

One & One & One Makes Three. Bill/Tonks/Charlie; PG-13. Summary: Bill, Charlie and Tonks get frisky in a wizarding nightclub :D!

The COLOURS in this are as beautiful and vibrant as you could hope for a Tonks drawing, and for a PG-13 piece there’s a lot of passion. I also like how Bill and Charlie are clearly differentiated yet also clearly brothers.

Fama Annus Sulum. Snape/Lupin; NC-17; bondage, knife/bloodplay, D/s. Summary: Fama Annus Sulum - Yearly tradition; Once a year; Each year; Every year. Two lonely men come together when the rest of the world has other concerns.

This isn’t my pairing but I love this. The inks are stunning, Lizard does amazing work with composition, perspective, and moving from one moment to the next; and she tells a complete emotional story based on no dialogue and almost no words.

Thrill Seeker. Harry; G. Summary: a happy, innocent Harry.

WEE HARRY CHASING A SNITCH :D And the Snitch is all zoomy and sparkly and Harry’s upside down and holding his glasses on. ALL HARRYS SHOULD BE THIS HAPPY.

Rhinestones and Spikes. Bellatrix/Draco/Harry; NC-17; collars, bondage, gag, implied non-con.

*coughs* Having said all Harrys should be happy… this is so gloriously hot and this Harry is not happy at ALL. I love his venomous glare so much, especially combined with the helplessness of the ballgag, and it’s a perfect contrast with anxious Draco with his toes fumbling for the floor sitting obediently in Bellatrix’s lap. Bellatrix is so crazy and pleased with herself, and I love her boots and hair and how dominant her body language is. And ahhh Draco’s pink corset and sparkles and Harry’s harsh leash I can’t even bear it.

Best Friends Forever. Severus & Lockhart, G. Summary: See title.

Severus is SO FURIOUS. *cackles* His droopy hat with its spider! His enraged mouth! Both their body language!

Books. Ron/Draco; PG. Summary: Ron and Draco kissing.

This is so sweet. I love the glow of it, and their hair, and Draco holding Ron’s tie and Ron’s hands on Draco’s knees as he kneels up to kiss him.

The Fine Line Between Love and Hate. Harry/Draco; PG; blood & implied violence. Summary: see title.

YESSSSS this is why we love H/D. The blood, the intensity, Draco’s hand at Harry’s chest (to stop him or draw him in?) and how Harry looks both furious and like he’s having a somewhat upsetting moment of realisation. I love Draco’s skin tone here and his overwhelmed look.

Warm Summer’s Day. The Marauders; G. Summary: lovely teenage Marauders lounging about all over each other and relaxing.

This is sweet, and I love the personality shown in how they wear their uniforms, and the easy intimacy of Sirius’ head on Remus’ stomach and his theft of James’ glasses. Also yay for Marauders art that includes Peter!

The Green Lion. Snape & Harry/Draco; NC-17. Summary: Yes, that's a potion with voyeuristic steam coming off it.

This is full of atmosphere and the colours are gorgeous. And it’s a very satisfying incarnation of sex-magic, Potions Master!Snape.

Tending To My Lady’s Bath. Gwen/Morgana; R. Summary: See title.

They’re both SO PRETTY. The colours are gorgeous, and I love the contrast of Morgana’s nakedness with Gwen’s dress and the happy and about-to-kiss of it all.

Boundary Conditions. Peter/Neal/Elizabeth; PG-13 [for the art, the accompanying fic is NC-17]; light D/s and bondage. Summary: It was Neal who showed him the problem with trying to solve his wife like an equation, and it's likely that the same approach isn't going to get him anywhere now.

This is super hot; I love El’s cleavage and that she’s stolen Neal’s hat and her hand pulling Neal’s hair. My favourite thing about it is the contrast between Peter’s tension and uncertainty and how pleased Neal looks, relaxed in his bondage. This is a collab and the fic’s beautifully written too.

This was originally posted at http://lokifan.dreamwidth.org/355326.html. Comment wherever you like :)
30th-Jan-2017 02:51 pm (UTC)
LOVE baby!Harry trying to catch the snitch. I feel so maternal over this kid, wow!

Also, obviously love the D/H ones, but I must say that helpless!Draco under Fernir looks so yummy. I don't even like Fernir, but awwww Draco should be always that tied up! ;D
31st-Jan-2017 02:55 pm (UTC)
Isn't he so adorable??

Haha, I wasn't expecting you to like that one! BUT YES SERIOUSLY. He looks so furious and so helpless and it's the best <33333
31st-Jan-2017 01:27 am (UTC)
WAAAAAHHH *crying tears of gratitude*

I am seriously SO HONOURED you chose me as your showcase. God. I drew so much art back in the day, I honestly didn't remember half of the things you linked to xD And so much porn. It's amazing I got through university at all! I haven't drawn anything in years, my skills are totally rusted through.

Thank you thank you thank you ^__^ HP fandom was a marvellous time, it brought so many friends (like you! <3) into my life, and I miss those crazy days immensely.

Alas I have to spend my time being a grown up now, which I love honestly but leaves zero time for fanart. :(
31st-Jan-2017 02:58 pm (UTC)
Awww <3 Haha I wasn't sure if you'd see this! Tiiiiny bit embarrassed but I'm so glad you're so pleased! and YAY for fandom bringing friends into our lives. That's why I got the tattoo, you know. I'd never have got a Potter tattoo in and of itself, but a Potter fandom tattoo drawn by a friend and shared with other friends, that's brilliant.

I drew so much art back in the day, I honestly didn't remember half of the things you linked to

LOL I know what you mean a bit - I definitely see titles of my old fic on my "you got kudos" email from AO3 and I'm like "???"
1st-Feb-2017 11:10 am (UTC)
Ahahaha, I think it's a sign of our immense productivity that we don't recall our own fanworks xD Oh well! And yes the Potter tattoo! <3 I'm a total wuss and have personal reservations about getting a tattoo, but our London HP crowd was such a big part of my life in early university. It was a huge part of me gaining confidence and self-esteem too. I miss those halcyon days T__T I miss you guys, there is nothing fandomy in Canberra at all xD
1st-Feb-2017 01:02 pm (UTC)
LOL totally!

I'm a total wuss and have personal reservations about getting a tattoo, but our London HP crowd was such a big part of my life in early university.

*nods* That's what I'm glad you drew it! It brings you in without you having to get a tattoo :)

Awww we miss you! Living in a place without fandom: I know that feel sis and it's blech.
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