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Scattered RLness and meme

Went back to being quiet, obviously… it’s predictable, unfortunately, cos summer is when I work ALL THE HOURS. Life is a bit unpredictable rn. My flatmates are horrible. I’m gonna move out, but it may not be until September; I’ve already moved three times in the last twelve months, so I want to (a) have time and energy to find somewhere good to stay and (b) money for moving again, which is… questionable. Although my parents will probably lend me the money if they can, because in addition to the horrible flatmates, there’s black mould in one of the kitchen cupboards.


At the end of May, after moving and Expo, I went back up to [profile] sodsta’s with him on Monday night. LIVERPOOL YAY <333

I stayed til Saturday and it was a total blast. I hung out with [profile] sodsta a bunch (and it’s so nice having extended time with a bff who’s moved away) and his lovely if sometimes terrifying girlfriend S (uber dom, lol) and I got to see [personal profile] creatoremagico and [personal profile] drazzi and meet NEW fabulous people plus a fabulous dog :DDD

Plus we visited the sex shop with its lovely, informative staff. I replaced a Wartenburg (sp?) wheel with a new and better one (THREE wheels in one) and we learnt v interesting things about e-stim :D

The themes of the week: shitty horror and true crime, laughing a lot, vodka, S’s amazing cooking, Final Fantasy XV, and people making me look awesome with zero effort from me :DDDD I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

[profile] sodsta’s like, a makeup guru at this point, plus the lovely E is like, a pro-trained… beautician? Is that the right word?... and did my bi hair :D Which I just re-did, btw, and it looks pretty great. (From the front, at least, haha.)

Gonna do a solo trip to see Ocean’s 8 this afternoon, I think! I want to do something fun and my focus is too scattered for writing. Especially so I can go out and show off the newly redone hair!

I missed my sister’s housewarming yesterday to go to A&E. I’m fine, thankfully, but UGH. I was gonna meet her baby-queer flatmate who is apparently desperately in need of older queer role models, lol. (I know. But I’m 28 and a teacher and overall happy, which is sooooo far away from 22-and-unemployed-and-was-recently-kicked-out-by-parents, which I know from experience.)

Let’s do my favourite I’ve-been-away meme: you ask me a question (fannish or RL) and I’ll answer, and also ask you a question that’s somehow related to what you asked me. Then we continue chatting until someone gets bored or forgets to answer :D

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