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Kinkshamed by King Regis. No really

I keep meaning to post about this and not, because recently I’ve been at work 9am - 8:30pm. (But much of it isn’t paid hours. The gig economy sucks.) BUT THAT’S RIDICULOUS cos it was crazy.

Three weeks ago was Kupocon, this great little Final Fantasy con. This was my second and I was, once again, very very aware that I’d be getting a lot more out of it if I knew the franchise; it’s a tight-knit little community and I’m bad at joining it in certain ways. Didn’t dance and/or talk to strangers enough for how much fun I had when I did it. BUT still SO fun <3 I didn’t go to the actual programming; I saw some good friends and a BFF, and bought too much gorgeous art and laughed a lot and ate and drank far too much and… got kinkshamed by King Regis.


This was sometime between 11pm and midnight. @bestchocobro/[profile] sodsta is legless, I’m only slightly less drunk but still trying to look after him. @bestchocobro’s girlfriend has gone to bed, so it’s just the two of us in our hapless drunken state. We see a luggage trolley on the way back to the party.

S: Me and Girlfriend wanna get one of those. It’d be great for kink - you could tie someone up and - *gestures broadly*

Me: ? Ohhh, right! Yeah!

S: You could move them really easily -

Me: Yeah! *clambers onto the luggage trolley and kneels up on it, with hands round the weird gold baton thing at the top, as if asking to be cuffed to it* OMG, why isn’t this a classic pervertible? You guys are actually geniuses!

S: Yeah, you could -

Me: *sees Jon Campling - venerable actor, epic beard-owner, daddy of Final Fantasy XV, and King Regis - coming down the corridor towards us, on the phone to someone. Our eyes meet*

Me (in tones of anguish): Oh my God.

Jon Campling: *grins*

S: *turns around, sees, makes sound like duck hacking up a swan*

Jon Campling: *continues along his merry way past us, clearly enjoying the horror he’s inflicted, while I scramble off the luggage trolley and try to look like someone who doesn’t even know what a ‘pervertible’ IS*

Me & S: *tell everyone we see for the next hour that we were KINKSHAMED BY REGIS oh my GOD*

We actually didn’t tell everyone immediately on seeing them, and I even saw people that night and never actually went for OH MY GOD THE BEST WORST TALENT-AT-CON ANECDOTE JUST HAPPENED TO ME, which I feel deserves some credit.

Worst part? S was cosplaying Prompto, whereas I was in a random clubbing dress and have pink-purple-and-blue hair. S is a fantastic Prompto and the best at the con (she says without bias :p) but also, you can’t swing a giant sword without hitting a Prompto at Kupocon. My hair is distinctly more memorable.

I might see him in October and watch him remember that time he caught me kneeling on a luggage rack, cheerfully yelling with my drunk friend about how great it’d be for kink.


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