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Brits: you can push for trans equality

There's ONE DAY LEFT to contribute to the government's consultation on the Gender Recognition Act!

Stonewall has info, links, and guidance (I know, I'm still weirded out by Stonewall being not terrible on trans stuff)

A link to the consultation itself.

You don't need to do it all in one go; you can save and come back. You don't need to answer every question, either - I didn't, since there are a few questions where they specifically ask for trans perspectives.

The Gender Reform Act means people can self-identify rather than go through this bureaucratic, expensive process in order to get a legal (as opposed to social or physical) change in gender. It means trans people's spouses can't deny their consent and stop it (!!!) and that people don't have to wait for years or get through medical gatekeeping. There are genuine steps forward here despite the trash fire of the Tories. The consultation also asks about whether non-binary people should get legal recognition - this is an opportunity.

The GRA doesn't change the provisions laid out in the Equality Act - e.g. a female-only domestic violence shelter can continue keeping out trans women - but ONLY if they can show it's a reasonable, proportionate response and there are legit reasons for it, and they should provide substitute services. But denying a trans woman the right to use the women's loo etc would be illegal regardless of their legal (as opposed to social or physical, again) gender status. Given everything, and while I'm certainly no expert, this seems like a good way to handle things.


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