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Friday recs post: very little is impossible

Christmas & Yuletide stuff, mostly :D

Not fanfiction as such but a great post on how an Ugly Christmas Sweaters staging of Hamlet would go, courtesy of [personal profile] rushthatspeaks.

Final Fantasy XV fic

You Better Watch Out by [archiveofourown.org profile] spacehopper. Ardyn/Prompto; 4400 words; Explicit; light bondage. Summary: Prompto had believed in Shiva’s Messenger, who some simply called the Blessed, long after other kids had dismissed him as a fairy story.

But he'd never expected to actually meet him.

This is REALLY hot. It’s Crownsguard-trainee!Prompto meeting Santa!Ardyn, basically, this strange man claiming to be a fairy tale, and claiming Prompto as his gift to himself. Hot and with a delicious dark undertow, in how vulnerable Prompto is to Ardyn in his desperation for contact and to feel special and loved. There’s also a brilliant touch in the idea of the Blessed who brings gifts to good children, versus the Accursed who punishes the bad.

The Accursed Knitter series by [archiveofourown.org profile] spacehopper. Ardyn and bros gen; ~2700 words; Gen. Summary: For many centuries the royals of Lucis have been receiving horrific knitwear of mysterious origin.

Noct finds out where it came from.

I’ve recced these before, but one of them is seasonal!! There are two short fics in this series and they’re both hysterical - although the first, with Iggy telling Noct stories about the royals of Lucis and Noct’s ugly Solstice jumpers, is a lot cuter than the Episode-Prompto era Prompto one. Both completely fit Ardyn’s trolling-old-man vibe and it’s a delight.

Love You’ve Got Me Wide Open by Anon. Prompto/Noct; ~6400 words; Explicit. Summary: Alpha Noctis experiences his first rut.

A/B/O is really not my thing but I loved this to absolute pieces anyway. It’s hilarious and adorable and sexy. Noct is a total dork who’s not very good at sex yet - this is his first time - and has a massive praise kink, and Prompto is only slightly less of a dork, and definitely dominant in a very sweet teenage way. They giggle and banter a lot, and it’s one of those fics that’s really hot because it’s so clear how massively into it the characters are.

"Wait, wait," Noctis interrupts. "What? What? Are you- what? Is this- are we- sex?"

Oh, Noct, you poor dumb puppy, to quote one of the comments :D :D :D <3

Anish Kapoor vs Stuart Semple colour feud RPF

Color Theory by [archiveofourown.org profile] blahblahwhy. Stuart Semple and Anish Kapoor; ~2300 words; G. Summary: True black looks like Nothing. It looks like a hole in the fabric of space.

This is from last year (recced by [personal profile] kate_nepveu) and it’s a delight. Largely epistolary, good use of footnotes; sharp, very funny, well-constructed - and such a great last line.

Ocean’s 8 fic

Road Trips Without Maps by Anonymous. Lou/Debbie; 1300 words; Teen. Summary: When Lou catches her eyes following the ring on some young ingénue’s finger, she rolls her eyes, but she still leans back on her seat, all her easy confidence lending the pose the dignity it probably wouldn’t have on anyone else, and lets her eyes roam over the girl’s entourage, calculating.

“I thought you were above petty crimes,” she says as she takes a compact mirror from her purse. She watches the girl on it while she pretends to be checking her makeup, and when she catches Lou’s gaze for a second, she smiles.

“Am I, now?” Lou asks, leaning into her to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

So much fun, and the romance of how in sync they are and how well they know each other kills me. The last paragraph is gold.

Final Fantasy XV art

Snowball Fight by [tumblr.com profile] curageacrafts. The Chocobros & Iris; G.

The style for these is so cute and expressive! All the faces are amazing. I love Prompto and Noct’s panic when the others counterattack and Iris’ vengeful glee.

Waifu Iris by [tumblr.com profile] aerinyxx. Iris, G.

Adorable and happy, beautifully-drawn, beautifully-coloured, teen Iris.

Daemon Hunter Iris by [tumblr.com profile] burbled-xv. Iris, G.

Love the art style. And man - gorgeous, perfectly tilted smirk, the HAIR and the TATTOO and the SHOULDERS. Yes please. Aka the other version of Iris. All Irises are good Irises.

Thor art

Are You Ready? by [tumblr.com profile] ykctkk. Thor & Loki, G.

A Christmassy Thor and Loki :D I love happy Santa!Thor and reindeer!Loki all sour with his Christmas lights and belled collar!

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