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Friday recs post: just winging it

Hello again :)

Final Fantasy XV fic recs

What The Gods Give, The Gods Take Away by [archiveofourown.org profile] havenborn. Gladio/Noct; ~2000 words; Teen. Summary: It wasn’t the usual way relationships started.

They didn’t care.

This is wonderfully written, and oh, the tragedy of it all! Perfect Gladio (and everyone else - Noct, Ignis, Iris)! Love love love the dom/sub bits - so little but so evocative, like all of this fic.

Intrinsic by. Noct/Prompto; ~65 000 words; Explicit; A/B/O with attendant D/s and pregnancy/breeding kink. Summary: Prompto indulges a fantasy. He can't have it, not really; Noct's not his. He's an alpha prince, heir to the throne. Prompto's a lonely, omega nobody.

But when he's alone, he can pretend, right?

Unfinished WIP warning. This is an A+ example of using copious amounts of detail and how into the characters are to get me on board with kinks that normally squick me. (Pls to remember squick is morally neutral! No shaming here.) Pregnancy intertwined with D/s stuff is not really for me, and A/B/O normally just makes me want some standard kinky business, but this was legit super hot. It’s so perfectly teenage, too, in Prompto’s obsessive pining and love, the endless wanking, the crazy irresponsibility, how awkward they are, Noct’s painful awareness of responsibility. I really liked the contrast between the Noct of Prompto’s masturbatory fantasies, very dom and knowing exactly what he wants, and the real, affectionate, slightly awkward baby-dom!Noct.

The Desolation of Ignis by [tumblr.com profile] hati_skoll. Ignis/Noct with a hint of OT4; ~8900 words; Teen. Summary: Ignis is the last dragonborn in the House of Scientia, dedicated to protecting his hoard (read: friends) from the grasping claws of the Niflheim empire. Woe betide those who seek to separate him from his treasure of treasures.

He is fire. He is death.

He is ADORABLE. This is a great Ignis voice, in his attempts at self-control and his dragon puns and in the horrendous sacrifices he’ll make for Noct’s life, and Noct’s so quietly exasperated and sweet, and I love the idea of dragonborn!Aranea. Unfinished WIP warning.

Load-Carrying Capacity by [archiveofourown.org profile] saltslimes. Noct/Prompto; ~6800 words; Gen. Summary: Prompto can do magic. All he has to do is will an object or an injury to be fixed and it is. Naturally, it comes at a steep cost.

This is fabulous! I love the premise (reminds me a little of Holly Black’s White Cat trilogy, which I love) and Prompto wanting to hide the ‘poison’ means it makes a lot more (tragic) sense than a lot of hide-your-pain h/c. And it’s full of great lines: Noct’s King’s Knight boxers and indignation over how they’re cool, Ignis got them for him ❤ ❤ ❤ and the non-required existentialism being my favourites.

Huzzah by [archiveofourown.org profile] yeaka. Prompto & Noct gen; ~800 words; Gen. Summary: Noctis fails at gym.

A wee little ficlet, but very funny and memorable - of course Noct cheats via warping - and it’s surprisingly bittersweet seeing ickle!Noct and Prompto battle together and be fallen heroes in a kid way.

Figure Eight by [archiveofourown.org profile] spacehopper. Ignis/Noct; ~1400 words; Teen. Summary: It’s Ignis’s job to brief Noct, to advise him, and to make sure he’s aware of the complexities of politics and war.

But Noct can be infuriatingly distracting.

So sweet and funny. I can't decide if loving, cheeky Ignis, bratty Noct, or troll Regis is my favourite!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fic recs

Coming In by [personal profile] thingswithwings. Rosa & the team gen; ~1900 words; Gen. Summary: well, not given, but - everybody’s queer!

This is great. Perfect voices for everyone and I love Rosa’s reactions to everybody coming out, one after the other. I love the perfectly realistic and gorgeous shift from tension when she’s come out, to the certainty they're all with her, and omg the Amy/Rosa moment and how Jake came out to everyone (SO IN CHARACTER) and Charles' being pan so ofc he can't be peer-pressured!!!! And queer community <3

FFXV art recs

Little Monster Hunter by [tumblr.com profile] arounagein-art. Noct; G. Summary: I always thought Noctis would reenact the bedtime stories Regis would tell him of his adventures– the prince playing the part of his dad and his toys playing the role of the monsters! It is all for fun though, and he makes sure they are okay afterward. Now he just needs an octopus plush to play Ultros…

Honestly in both of these he’s so CUTE and so unbearably serious - little Noct ready to grow up and fight the bad guys, and sweetly, seriously, thanking his soft toy for its service like he’s heard Regis use the phrase. It’s both adorable and REALLY SAD. *dying*

‘Arguing’ by [tumblr.com profile] teryster. Luna/Nyx; G. Summary: Fighting Drautos later was easier tbh. “Arguing” (Luna doesn’t argue, let’s be real here).

HEE YES. Encapsulates their dynamic, gorgeously-done details on their clothes and the background, and oh insouciant Luna vs WHAT Nyx who’s expecting to the be the hero around here, you’re so adorable and funny and heroic and great <3

Steven Universe art recs

A cute girl’s number by [tumblr.com profile] erinye. Pearl/Mystery Girl, G.

It’s beautiful, I love the colour palette, and omg the animation is SO CUTE.

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