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Friday recs post: one's private feelings have no place in a civilised conversation

The FFXV is basically all smut with people being nice to each other, which speaks to this weird new experience of having no hate-ships in a fandom. (Unless you count how much I wanna write Luna and Ardyn having a weird fucked-up thing where they’re fascinated by each other’s approaches to & experiences with their own deaths, which I don’t, quite.)

Final Fantasy XV fic recs

Good Boy by [archiveofourown.org profile] ignis_sassentia. Gladio/Prompto; ~5700 words; Explicit; light bondage and mentions of other kinks (detailed warnings at the link). Summary: Prompto's first time topping in a light, fluffy BDSM scene with Gladio, who is nothing but supportive, even when things don't go exactly to plan.

I actually really love fluffy kink (cue everyone who’s read my Drarry looking totally unsurprised) and a realistic vibe, even if the current fandom tone of NOTHING CAN BE PROBLEMATIC has soured me a bit. And this is SO LOVELY, and also hot, and ohhh yes newbie dom/experienced sub is so rarely written and so great, and also all of the dom!Prom and sub!Gladio, give it to me.

The Arrangement series by [archiveofourown.org profile] ohmyfae. Ignis/Noct followed by Ignis/Noct/Luna with background Promptio; ~13 200 words; Explicit. Summary: Noctis and Ignis navigate romantic shenanigans, royal expectations, and the intersection of the two. Set shortly before they set out. & Sometimes, prophecies lie, and chosen ones don't always fulfill their destiny in the way you'd expect. A post chapter 9/10 AU where, five years after the events at Altissia, Luna and Ignis share the affections of the newly crowned King Noctis.

This is a delight. Poor Ignis being forced to deal with all these royals is the common thread - the first is basically sweet comedy with a piquant heart, and the second is still funny but more on the feelsy side. Also, Cor keeps catching Ignis and Noct doing the do and it’s great :D

indulgence by [archiveofourown.org profile] marmolita. Luna/Noct; ~1600 words; Explicit; light D/s with praisekink, pampering, and lingerie. Summary: Noctis lets Luna pretty him up and take care of him.

A little slice of gorgeousness. Noct is so sweet and I sooooo buy him having a praise kink and Luna liking to take care of him. And zomg her dressing him in black panties and a choker with her symbol on it, YESSSSS. Also Luna being a very caring dom is just canon, k.

Harry Potter fic recs

forget what I need, give me what I want (and it should be fine) by [archiveofourown.org profile] shiftylinguini. Draco/James Sirius; ~8000 words; Explicit. Summary: But even on those nights when the club is mad with punters and there are staff running ragged from one end to the other, Draco doesn’t need to be working behind the bar ― he just likes it. He likes the way he can watch the dancers move, see the ruddy flushing faces of the club’s regulars as they jostle elbow to elbow for the bartenders’ ― for Draco’s ― attention, the music peaking and flowing around them.

Really beautifully written and gives me a really strong sense of who Draco is, at this point. It’s not my pairing at all, so you should take my enjoyment of the fic as a strong endorsement :D

Marvel fic recs

Agent Aw No by [archiveofourown.org profile] flawedamethyst. Clint/Bucky/Tony/Steve; ~20 200 words; Mature. Summary: It's not until they've been together nearly two years that Clint realises there are cracks in the relationship that they've all just been ignoring, and that even the epic amount of cuddling they do doesn't seem to be fixing.

This is adorable. Yay communication, and the different pairs working out their stuff within the poly relationship. It felt pretty real to me - especially that they didn’t talk about things because things were going well. This is part of a series I haven’t read, but that wasn’t a problem.

drown my woes in a lake of fire by [archiveofourown.org profile] lise. Thor & Loki gen; ~15 400 words; Teen; off-page rape. Summary: Loki is back with Thor and (nominally) free of the Grandmaster. This does not mean all the problems are resolved.

Trauma aftermath fic from Thor’s POV. He’s trying so hard, and has so little idea what to do, and I feel it so hard.

Buffy fic recs

It Had To Be You by [personal profile] bruttimabuoni. Faith/Willow; ~1000 words; R.

A fantastic little soulmates-AU of S3. It’s gorgeously written, brutal, and really clever in what changes and what doesn’t.

Final Fantasy XV art recs

Good Boy by [tumblr.com profile] rkcart. Noct/Prompto; Explicit. Summary: “Are you going to be good?”

Prompto isn’t allowed to speak, but the look on his face says it all

I’ll be so good for you

Noctis smiles, “Good boy”.

Oh man, Prompto’s wobbly smile in that first panel vs how happy he looks in the second, and Noct’s so pleased and confident, and naked Prom vs clothed Noct, and I loooove the monochrome and the beautiful style. <33333

X-tra Tentacles Gladio by [tumblr.com profile] raud-reipi. Gladio/tentacles; Explicit. Content: potentially non-con or dub-con, depending on how you interpret it.

Gorgeously done -- both the art and Gladio. I mean, Gladio looking anxious while getting fucked and sucked by a bunch of tentacles either intrigues you or it doesn’t.

Betrayal - Luna growing up in Insomnia by [tumblr.com profile] primagrine. Luna & the chocobros; gen.

This is four little portraits of them all and it has SO MUCH personality and tells you so much about how they all changed as they grew up - it’s honestly amazing. As well as super adorable. Like I tried to list a few of my favourite bits but then they were all my favourite. Also, as someone with a beloved cousin five years younger than me and almost a foot taller, I feel Luna’s outrage on a level beyond words.

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