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Snowflake Challenge #1

Challenge #1

In your own space, introduce yourself!

I’VE STILL GOT TIME. And since I’ve got a bunch of new friends and have been pretty quiet on Dreamwidth for quite a while, an intro post seems like a great idea.

The basics under the :

Me in fandom: I’m obsessed with FFXV. It’s been a couple of years and I see it being a couple of years more. I’ve written barely any fic, but I have SO MANY ideas, and I’m struggling out of a dry spell. Fingers crossed! It’s a weird fandom for me because (a) I’m not a gamer. A PS4 game as a new fandom is really weird for me and (b) I’m super into the four bros in all combinations, and I’m normally ALL ABOUT enemyships. I mean, Luna/Aranea and Luna/Ardyn speak to me, but...idk.

I’ve started RPing! Which is very weird for me and I’m not at all sure I’m good at it. I don’t read much RP because it’s not often on my favourite platform, is most of the problem - I need to find RP on DW. But it’s fun!

I spent ten years in Potter fandom, and old fandoms never really die. Buffy, Korra/Airbender, Doctor Who, Marvel, Dark Angel, Pretty Little Liars, Orphan Black, White Collar, Black Sails, Misfits, No 6… They all pop up from time to time.

I write fic, and occasionally meta. The fic runs the gamut - banter, darkfic, hurt/comfort, the odd bit of fluff - but what I seem to be known for is kinkfic that also tries to give you feelings. Like, definitely dark kink, but I love writing heavy kink within established relationships.

I read everything late but I’ll get there - I read my flist in great gulps every so often.

Dreamwidth is my primary home. I like journals, and I find other platforms confusing and often terrible - like, it’s about what I’m used to, but oh god Tumblr why. I’m on Twitter too, but I basically use that mostly to reply to other people and retweet FFXV fanart.

Other things I like: theatre, especially but not exclusively musicals. Books, especially Gothic, British children’s books, and fantasy. I love stories about siblings and cousins, about mirror and parallel beloved enemies, about tricksters and transformations. Trickster gods are my fave <3 (The username wasn’t about Marvel, lol, though I like that Loki okay. Favourite version is Diana Wynne Jones’ Luke.) Femme fashion - I love sparkly suggestions of queerness.

Me IRL: I’m a bi woman, about to hit 30, and I live in London. I teach English as a foreign language, and it all feels terribly millennial because I come from oodles of middle-class privilege, darling, and have a job that requires a degree and years of experience but is zero-hours and insecure. I’m basically always single and am now looking, but historically I’ve been fine with FWB and a rich emotional life via my deep friendships. Kinky & a sub, though I might try switching for the right person.

I’m vaguely involved in activism, mostly around queer rights, feminism, and refugee rights. Things I need to post about more!

My favourite getting-to-know-you/catch-up meme seems appropriate here: ask me a question, any question, fandom or RL. And I'll answer and ask a related question, and it goes back and forth until one of us forgets or gets bored, haha.

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