lokifan (lokifan) wrote,

A year since

It’s my thirty-first birthday in ten minutes. I genuinely don’t know how I’m going to feel? Right now, honestly, I feel really sad.

No birthday wishes on this post please, I’ll post something else so we can do that and it won’t be weird :D

My thirtieth, I was broke and exhausted but it was still good. And I’m so, so grateful for the timing of it, because I saw a lot of my friends then, and I haven’t seen them since. Plenty of them I don’t see that often, and even though it wasn’t one of my best parties (not awful, just, the house was too small and it kinda messed with the vibes) having seen everyone pretty recently helped get me through spring and summer 2020.

So my birthday is looming really large as an anniversary. And you know, 30 was the start of a new decade, a big birthday, all that, and it’s been a lost year, and one where we’ve lost so much, so many. This was originally posted at https://lokifan.dreamwidth.org/384000.html. Comment wherever you like :)
Tags: memorable moments, rl, sad

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