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Lenore and Hector

Lenore and Hector… wtf was going on with them?

Cards on the table: at the end of s3 I didn’t ship them in the sense of wanting or expecting them to be endgame, I 100% shipped them in the sense that it was hot and I wanted Lenore to abuse him some more and I’ve read some fic. I think the idea it was gonna be endgame was always ridiculous, though I get the yearning for femdom romance, because it was so deeply fucked up and manipulative throughout. (See also: it was hot and I wanted Lenore to abuse him some more.)

S4 just baffled me. Like, I genuinely don’t understand how the relationship at the end of s3 - Lenore amused and relishing her victory and explicitly planning to fuck him some more, Hector resentful and enslaved - became the casual, sexless banter of s4. What the hell happened in the six weeks between?? Did she just change her mind? Why? And why’s there no edge to her teasing him about sex, his joking comment to how he enjoyed having sex with her til almost the end, when she used it to capture him?

And the fact that when Hector manages to win, he wants to chill out with her there? Like, he’s “tried to” grow up - his arc this season, as for Isaac, was about self-actualisation and becoming who you are after the weird stunting effects of their abusive backgrounds and Dracula. So… surely that should involve at least some level of “fuck you Lenore”? Or he could still have this weird bond and liking for/reliance on her, but that was EXPLICITLY something she cultivated to make him vulnerable to her attack so having it be a nice, positive conversation even after he’s grown up and got power doesn’t really fit.

More importantly, they have a whole conversation about power and strength and what they’re good for at the end, their final talk, and NEVER mention the WHOLE THING WHERE SHE ENSLAVED HIM?

Plus it seems kind of out of character for her to have been misled by Hector? Like the idea that she’s “away with the fairies” was always shown to be fake, her interpersonal acumen is shown to be deadly despite how she’s constantly underestimated. I know she’s lonely & worried in s4 but it seems so weird that CARMILLA sees Hector coming and Lenore dismisses him as simple. She understood how to manipulate him in s3, but in s4 she never suspects he might be trying to escape his magical enslavement? Idk. This was originally posted at https://lokifan.dreamwidth.org/385058.html. Comment wherever you like :)
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