lokifan (lokifan) wrote,

covid jab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my first covid jab yesterday! And I’ve joined [personal profile] rydra_wong’s vaccination trial pyramid scheme, haha. I was actually booked for Saturday anyway (I’m 31 so my number just came up) but we like to contribute to medical science and they pay for travel.

It’s a new vaccine, Valneva, on its third stage. A pretty traditional deactivated-virus-particle vaccine, so it’s probably slightly less effective than mRNA, but that’s still REALLY effective. Control group gets AZ.

I’m getting the second jab in four weeks, too, so I’ll be fully vaccinated for most of the summer!!!!!!

I was so pleased last night because my arm didn’t even hurt, I thought I’d fully avoided side-effects, but between 2am and 6am I kept waking up with new symptoms (chills, malaise, tiredness, headache and muscle pains, fever). I was SO SWEATY from the fever, it was gross. Had a cool bath at like 7am which helped. Am now lying in bed feeling smushed.

I guess it means my immune system’s pretty strong, though! And apparently it’s usually over fast, so I’m hoping/expecting to be fine tomorrow. Anyway even on the three trains home from the clinic, I was sitting there like ‘hello person whose nose has escaped, hello person in next carriage who’s talking with no mask, soon I’ll care about you SO MUCH LESS.’ Like, obviously public health etc, but I’m not gonna lie, def less stressful when my personal risk’s almost zero.

Still, feel properly ill :(((( This was originally posted at https://lokifan.dreamwidth.org/385693.html. Comment wherever you like :)
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